Your Children, Their Politics
Reheated (60)

Friday Ephemera

The timeless smell of Hopkins. || Scenes. (h/t, Julia) || Construction site scenes. || The thrill of kidney stones. || In the Ningaloo Canyons. || Attention, housewives. Do not clean clothes with gasoline. (h/t, Things) || Acting in trying circumstances. || Assorted BBC sound effects. || “The masses will rally behind us.” Behind meaning beneath, of course. || Rebuttals of note. || Place your bets. (h/t, Perry) || Giant, slow-motion balloon-pose-off of note. || “Plastic hottie… professional thot.” || Feel his pain. || Poor Jenn. || How to make a zig-zag pattern. (h/t, Damian) || A map of the internet, circa 1973. || Sexy aircraft. || Today’s word is. || What she said. || And finally, obviously, it’s harder without the heels.