Unknowable Bodies
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Friday Ephemera

Headpool. || Cranky when peckish. || From King Kong to Fleischer’s Superman, animated scenes. || “Pull on string” and other things seen by car mechanics. || The unspanked, a possible series. || Inconvenience of note. || Biometric security using veins. || Brøndby Garden City. || Launching satellites with a giant gun. || Seating solution of note. || The spirit of innovation. || Nommy nommy nom. || Always remove the nails. || Choices have consequences. (h/t, Perry) || Kagoshima. || The creatures who teach your children. || Somewhat related. || This is one of these. || Always remember, someone’s day was worse than yours. || Six dancers, one spinning platform. || And finally, musically, some daddy-daughter time.