Those Aboriginal Telescopes
Elsewhere (302)

Friday Ephemera

It’s good to see a job done with care and attention to detail. || Stabilised hurdling. || Scenes of quivering beef. || The bulletproof bras of WWII. || Sleep well. || Well, you would, wouldn’t you? || It tugs on your arm if you walk too quickly. Other applications may exist. || Transplant drama with a hint of farce. || Niche market detected. || Instructions of note. || Her pies are more elaborate than yours. || The new universal excuse. || Er, can I come with you? || Modern gaffe. || Underwater transformers. || For fans of Star Trek: Voyager. (h/t, Damian) || Strange spheres detected. || Freezing the tide. || Football results of note. || And finally, I have to say, that’s the smallest one of those I’ve seen in quite some time.