We Must Let Him Improve Us
Our Betters Make Laws

Friday Ephemera

Contraband detected. || Before and after. || Face time. || Assorted shipping forecasts and other radio jottings. (h/t, Things) || Lifestyle choice. || I don’t think that’s real lava. || When you have one of these at the end of the hall. || The thrill of 1970s carpeting. || The thrill of dryer lint. || Assorted Swiss chalets. || At last, a mushroom claw machine. || Headphones suggested for The Lure of the Hole. || The Manual Library, from tractors and firearms to Roland synthesizers. (h/t, Things) || Failure is not forgiven. || Forbidden love, 1 and 2. || Good deed. || In San Diego schools. || Scenes from Mother Russia. || Vintage Las Vegas. || Today’s word is parenting. || And finally, groovers, it’s time to pump up the jam.