Our Betters Make Laws
Friday Ephemera

Our Brilliance Is Obscured By Your Cruel, Cruel Words

Chronic self-flatterers mystified by mockery of chronic self-flatterers:  

Thinking outwards and forwards unlike you.

Update, via the comments:

As Liz notes,

The replies show it’s not ‘a meaningless sneer’.

Indeed. Though of course this may be due to our more primitive faculties and not being “outward and forwards” in our thinking.

Readers may wish to savour the conceit that the most obvious reason one might have a term for mocking the habitually self-flattering and routinely censorious is to “stand in the way of thought and discussion.” Given the famed woke tendency to shut down discussion and inhibit thought – a tendency that ranges from feigned tears and emotional bullying to mob hysteria and exultant thuggery – it’s almost funny.

Says Mr Outward-And-Forwards: 

We used to call these people ‘considerate’, ‘tolerant’, ‘charitable’.

Other words are available.


Via Damian Counsell.

Also, open thread. Share ye links and bicker.