You’ve Seen What We’re Doing And So We Must Punish You
The Lockdown Diaries (9)

Fishing For Status

One sudden move and I would be shot.

A student at the University of Minnesota shares his first-hand experience of racial profiling and police brutality:

After multiple questions, they turned off their lights and left me alone: no apology, no explanation, nothing. Just me: mentally and emotionally tormented with an experience that will last a lifetime.

You see,

It was brutal.

Not only brutal, but,  

the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced.  

And so,

Defund these bastards.

But before you start signing petitions and making placards, you may wish to watch video of the actual interaction:

Update, via the comments:

The mismatch of tearful tale with what actually took place is almost funny, in a pathetic sort of way. And remember, this is how you climb The Great Tower Of Intersectional Status, such that lesser beings may behold you and affirm your magnificence. Think of it as woke morality laid bare. Which is to say, narcissism, status-seeking and eye-widening dishonesty - and an utter disregard for whoever may be imposed upon or wronged as a result of the lying.

I suppose you have to imagine just how self-absorbed you’d have to be, how desperate to be applauded by fools, that you’d lie so dramatically, seemingly oblivious, or indifferent, to the fact that said lie would almost certainly be exposed - as if that didn’t matter. Of course, chappie may simply know his peers quite well and may understand that they, like him, don’t much care whether the Outrage Of The Week actually happened - and will be outraged anyway. The emotional drama, the posturing and self-flattery, being what matters.

Lest anyone assume the above is some kind of anomaly or freakish one-off.

Via Mr Muldoon.