Elsewhere (303)
You’ve Seen What We’re Doing And So We Must Punish You

Friday Ephemera

Miracle breakthrough in rapid beer consumption. || Modern romance. (h/t, Holborn) || You never know. || Get woke, get robbed, repent at leisure. || It’s a bookmark, it’s a reading lamp. || A little nibble. || Heavenly beings. || Today’s word is Speibecken. || Behold, the basic social bonding unit of tomorrow. || “Can men control their balls?” || Beats walking. || A gift to remember. || Portuguese star fort. || “First and foremost.” || Faulty cat. || Acapella idents. || Treacherous human detected. || The thrill of tadpole migration. || “Essential seating only.” || Snowfall in Times Square, an ambient video. || Wall damage detected. || And finally, in D-list celebrity news, I believe this is called oversharing.