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February 13, 2021


Farnsworth M Muldoon

Please don't tell me that someone suggested that.

Nato should examine how it can power tanks and jets with alternative energy, such as solar panels...

You know they were thinking it...

Jay Guevara

I was told it was very instrumental drawing attention the horrible conditions in our mental institutions.

I very highly recommend reading "My Brother Ron," which details the history of deinstitutionalization, aka "care in the community." In particular, it talks about the role of leftists (George Szasz) and leftist politics in promulgating these disastrous policies that resulted in the dclosure of mental hospitals and the release of their inmates into society, resulting in the "homeless" problem we have today.

Jay Guevara

But they did blame Belgium and its colonizing ways--even though Belgium had granted Rwanda its independence decades earlier in (checks duck duck go) 1962.

I'm always amused when apologists for Africa's woeful backwardness cite colonialism as the cause.

The colonial era began around 1870, and ended around 1960, and so was within one (longish) human lifetime. Attributing Africa's dire performance for the preceding half dozen millennia, or the subsequent 60 years, is an exercise in sophistry.

Sonny Wayz

"it talks about the role of leftists (George Szasz)"

Thomas Szasz?

Governor Squid

Battlemechs run off of fusion reactors, don't they? Can't think of an energy source greener than that. It's really just a form of super-solar power!


…fusion reactors…Can't think of an energy source greener than that. It's really just a form of super-solar power!

Not to mention the H-bomb...

Daniel Ream

It's really just a form of super-solar power!

Cut out out the middleman.

I actually preferred CAV over Alpha Strike, but the latest edition withered on the vine and added in complexity for no particularly good reason. I've been doinking around with Horizon Wars, but it goes too far in the other direction. Units don't really feel distinct.


Where have we see this technique before. Let's see. Why, it's global warming. As Joe sez, "climate change is an existential threat. The time to act is now." If the weather is abnormally cold, it's global warming. If it's abnormally hot, it's global warming. Nothing like having all your bases covered, eh?

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