Tales From The Far Side
You Know The Drill

Friday Ephemera

Activate the dimensional aperture. || Shadow detected. (h/t, Damian) || Deep nostalgia. || “Depression checking,” a thread. || Interactive UK crime map. || Poorly paw. || A comforting presence. || We’re getting one or two sparks. || Some new-phone pornography. Ooh, ooh, he’s peeling the film. || A glimpse of your improved, progressive future. || Harassing random children for woke cred. || More scenes of human cunning. Or are they Cybermen? || Easy come, easy go. || Gents, start your engines. || Those are some of these. || Today’s word is ambition. || Bowling alley tour of note. || Meanwhile, in academia. || Mirage of note. || The thrill of hammer restoration. || And finally, relaxingly, just time for a little TV.