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March 06, 2021


Farnsworth M Muldoon

Meanwhile, Brawndo, it's got electrolytes, plants crave it.

Steve E

Meanwhile, Brawndo, it's got electrolytes, plants crave it.

When I was a teen I worked in a tire shop with guys who didn't have much more than a grade 6 or 8 education. I worked with one guy who was worried that if he had sex with his pregnant wife she would have twins.

Daniel Ream

Frankly, I think that is a load of crap, I can't imagine some stoner reading "Fritz The Cat" and deciding the thing to do would be to dress up like a unicorn.

I'm guessing that's because you didn't read the very next sentence, which cites Omaha the Cat Dancer. A comic which, by the way, instigated the formation of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and an assortment of First Amendment precedents.

I know, I know. Anything you don't know about is stupid. We get it.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

I know, I know. Anything you don't know about is stupid.

Fritz the Cat came out in the mid '60s (when I saw it) so its link to later antropomophic comic book animals is about as tenuous as Pepe le Pew's link to rapists, but I'll gladly bow to your superior knowledge of furries, NTTIATWWT, as long as you are living your best life.

Ed Snack

It seems possible to me that the whole “furry” cult came far more from Japanese anime and related “comics” than particularly through the US underground comics. I was”into” Fritz the Cat (and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers amongst others) and I don’t think they quite fit the furry movement.

But maybe that’s just me, I don’t get furries anyway.


Perhaps the Furries were inspired by Monty Python:

Confessor: Well, I was about seventeen and some mates and me went to a party, and, er... we had quite a lot to drink and then some of the fellows there... started handing... cheese around... and well just out of curiosity I tried a bit... and well that was that.

Interviewer: And what else did these fellows do?

Confessor: Well some of them started dressing up as mice a bit... and then when they'd got the costumes on they started... squeaking.

Interviewer: Yes. And was that all?

Confessor: That was all.

Interviewer: And what was your reaction to this?

Confessor: Well I was shocked. But, er... gradually I came to feel that I was more at ease... with other mice.

Zionist Overlord #73


Those are really good insights. As a footnote, I might add:

(4) They [The cartoons] reinforced the idea that men and women are different.

I'd say it's this point that has the Woke Scolds riled up.

@Farnsworth M Muldoon
That's just cruel!!


I believe one of the founders of the furry movement was also a notorious junkie. He was known as "the furry with the syringe on top".


"the furry with the syringe on top"

Bartender, can the henchlesbians do something about this vile punster?

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