Things That Tell Us Who They Are
Don’t Oppress My People With Your Acceptance And Compliments

Friday Ephemera

I see the machine uprising has begun. || Today’s word is entourage. || The road to hell. || Local stars. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || Window seat. || Just like normal people. || Neighbours’ dispute of note. || I think he was impressed. || That’s the spot. || Pasta engineering. || An impressive length. || Camel’s eye. || Miniatures and model-making for film, a video collection. (h/t, Things) || King Kong Vs Godzilla, 1962. || The thrill of bread cutter restoration. || Continue the research. || The thrill of retail. (h/t, pst324) || Fighting “the toxic whiteness of musical theatre.” (h/t, Darleen) || His job is more fiddlesome than yours. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || And finally, majestically, the dominant lifeform on planet Earth.