When Your Colleagues Have Joined A Cult
Files Of The Severely Educated

Friday Ephemera

You want one and you know it. || Nommy nommy nom. || Protest scenes. || The islands of planet Earth. || The insides of planet Earth. || Their 3D-printed gummy vitamins are more deluxe than yours. || How to make mug brownies. || Bouncy castle, sort of. || I’m betting they do this better than you do. || Body positivity. || Our betters howl. || Our betters boast. || Our betters stand firm. || “The biggest seizure of human organs in history.” || The rules of the game. || “Conservatives were far less likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues than those who identified as liberal or very liberal.” || Hot stuff. || Café of note. || Fashion crisis detected. || And finally, loftily, “We are not moving in the atmosphere.”