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You want one and you know it. || Nommy nommy nom. || Protest scenes. || The islands of planet Earth. || The insides of planet Earth. || Their 3D-printed gummy vitamins are more deluxe than yours. || How to make mug brownies. || Bouncy castle, sort of. || I’m betting they do this better than you do. || Body positivity. || Our betters howl. || Our betters boast. || Our betters stand firm. || “The biggest seizure of human organs in history.” || The rules of the game. || “Conservatives were far less likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues than those who identified as liberal or very liberal.” || Hot stuff. || Café of note. || Fashion crisis detected. || And finally, loftily, “We are not moving in the atmosphere.”


Daniel Ream

something isn't adding up in my mind

I've seen a conspiracy theory that Weiss quit the Times in order to avoid being contaminated by an impending lawsuit from the Trump administration over collusion with Deep State actors in the circular FISA memo thing. Since nothing ever resulted from that, it seems unlikely.

Any specific recommendations?

Amazon Prime has a series called The Battalion that covers a number of different sized and constituted fire departments. It's a "reality" show but since it's done on the cheap by people who are firefighter-adjacent, it's low on cheap theatrics.

The FDNY training manuals are also online in PDF form.

Also, on the subject of gaming, do people actually buy game-related 3D-printed figures much? I'm trying to justify buying a resin printer and maybe selling items like that (or doing custom orders).

It's not Daniel's Gaming Blog, I swear.

I have a number of friends who have tried this. The short version is that economy of scale matters. It is very, very unlikely that you will ever make enough money doing this to recoup your costs, time and consumables unless you have a printer farm and exclusive print rights from in-demand modelers. There are a lot of people doing this already and its a saturated market. If you are in an area that's heavily into a specific game that requires out of print minis, then you might be able to undercut mail order sellers.

If you're just looking for an excuse to buy a resin printer, drop the cash on a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K and a decent wash & cure station. You won't regret it, and it produces minis of high enough quality that should you try and defray the cost of it by selling prints you'll be able to.

Peachy rex

Damned few people ever made real money by making gaming miniatures (or scenery, or rules etc). But lots of people have made enough to pay for their own hobby fix.


I went to a gaming store today where the owner looked suspiciously like Comic Book Guy and he thought there wouldn't be much demand. He also pointed out the copyright issue. But I'll end up buying one anyway for a couple prototypes. It turns out the lower end machines are affordable but the resins are expensive.



It turns out the lower end machines are affordable but the resins are expensive.

So, like inkjet printers?

Daniel Ream

It turns out the lower end machines are affordable but the resins are expensive

I say this from personal experience: don't buy a lower end machine. The quality control issues and the quality of the prints make it a fool's bargain. The lowest end machine you should consider is an Elegoo Mars Pro.

Resin is the same cost for any printer, and it may be expensive right now mostly because of supply chain issues. It's normally about $25/L and you'll get a ton of prints out of that.

He also pointed out the copyright issue

Only an issue if you're printing from copyrighted STLs. Stuff you get from Thingiverse and other free sites are usually not encumbered with copyright restrictions. STLs you pay for will be, but most designers now have a way you can sign up as a licensed printer for their stuff.

the owner looked suspiciously like Comic Book Guy

There's a reason the Comic Book Guy looks like that.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Народная Республика Онтарио, name change in The Great White North.

Daniel Ream

Some nuance: Within the last twelve hours, virtually every metropolitan police force in Ontario has publicly and officially indicated they will not do any of this. Without qualification. For whatever that's worth.

Not on that lost is the OPP (our equivalent of the state police), who are busily erecting roadblocks on the borders of Ontario, including to other provinces. And it's the OPP who have jurisdiction over the rural areas of Ontario and the highways between urban areas.

You won't be pulled over on the way to the grocery store. Just don't try to leave the city, peasant.

Daniel Ream

Kyle Kashuv: "We should invade Canada."

On behalf of my entire country, I'd like to apologize for that unpleasantness with the Presidential Mansion in 1814 and invite you all to visit our lovely capital.

With torches. Don't forget the torches.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

OTOH, Toronto is safer with this military grade weapon of war off the streets.

Alex DeWynter
Any specific recommendations?

Shelly Reuben's Origin and Cause. Fascinating arson murder mystery novel written by a fire investigator.


Another glimmer of hope.



No true solipsist actually believes they're a solipsist.

And don't get me started about Scotsmen . . .


Elegoo Mars Pro

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro is already in the shopping card, nice to hear it recommended.


No true solipsist actually believes they're a solipsist.

Sound literally like something I would say. And by literally, I literally mean literally.


Nommy nommy nom

Reminds me of someone I had a fling with in the 80s. Well, several people actually.

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