Those Meddling Parents
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Friday Ephemera

An impressive stash. || Hardcore pecking. || The endless acid banger. || She’ll be late for work. || Air worm. || You want one and you know it. || “He ran his experiment by putting a non-toxic lipstick on his cats’ anuses.” || Just like normal people. || Shoelace knot innovation. (h/t, Things) || Always respect the media. || Repent at leisure. || A brief guide to black holes. || Glass barn for sale, $1,700,000. (h/t, Things) || Attempted super-casual door-closing of note. || The sound of fun being had. || A vision of things to come. || Incoming, not outgoing. || “Cat trapped in sofa” and other rescue dramas. || “I wanted to be in a car accident.” || I’ll just leave this here. || And finally, tastily, “I just figured the skin is thick.”