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No, It’s Not Good, But There Is Lots Of It

Hot from Helsinki, the works of Finnish artist Iiu Susiraja. First, her dazzling 2018 performance piece, Big Melody:

If the charms and profundities of the above should somehow remain elusive, clarity is offered by the following:

Her lethargic positions, situated in what we can assume are the confines of her own living room and bedroom, suggest marginal degrees of effort, imagination and intention. She sublimates herself as an object among curated objects, reminding us with each iteration that she is an imposition on space and space an imposition upon her. She is a weight on the world and the world unto her a weight. 

Invigorated by such insights, you’re going to want more, aren’t you? As if I need ask

Via Trevor, to whom our gratitude is inexpressible.