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Noah Carl on the undiscussable: 

Consistent with earlier studies, [Louis Jacob and colleagues] observed a moderately strong negative association between IQ and obesity… The authors also found that the association remained statistically significant when adjusting for a range of other variables. However, their findings were not warmly received in all quarters. On 26 February, the journal [Lifestyle Medicine] published a letter to the editor titled ‘Concerns regarding “Association between intelligence quotient and obesity in England” and unjustifiable harm to people in bigger bodies.’ Despite comprising only a couple of thousand words, the letter has thirteen authors, which tells you something really needed saying.

After introducing themselves as “academics, health professionals, health psychologists and lay experts in weight stigma and discrimination, public health, patient advocacy and risk communication,” the critics assert that “the contents of this paper are likely to cause unjustifiable harm to people in bigger bodies.” I had assumed that ‘obese’ was the correct medical term, but that is evidently no longer the case. Perhaps if the original authors had referred to the “association between intelligence quotient and bigger bodiedness,” they could have forestalled some of the criticism.

Note the signatories’ conceit that “people in bigger bodies” should have some kind of veto over research into obesity.

Via Captain Nemo, Damian Counsell on race, facts, and fervour: 

[A] senior elected representative in two of the most powerful institutions of the establishment Left has invoked the phrase [“institutional racism”] to justify telling a non-white woman occupying one of the three great offices of state that she should be expelled from the country of her birth. For a segment of the self-proclaimed Left, the words “institutional racism” conjure a threat so cryptic that it requires no evidence, and so evil that it excuses overt racism. [Howard] Beckett deleted the tweet, but his subsequent apology is even more revealing. “I’m very sorry for my earlier tweet,” he wrote. “I was angry to see Muslim refugees being deported on the morning of Eid Al Fitr.” At the time of writing, the immigrants in question are believed to be Sikhs, not Muslims; but such distinctions matter little to a particular kind of crusader.

And Simon Webb on black “microaggressions”:

Since we’re all very familiar with the things which white people do which are sometimes identified as being racist “microaggressions”… I thought it might be amusing to reverse the process and think about things which some of those who are of African and Caribbean heritage routinely do but which can be construed in a negative or racially charged way… Such frictions cut both ways and I think it is a mistake to single out white people as the group always giving offence.

Curiously, the terms “black microaggressions” and “microaggressions by black people” yield few pertinent Google results and the phenomenon of, say, overtly contemptuous teeth-sucking, a common enough occurrence in some classrooms, is not, it seems, widely discussed. Except, of course, when exalted as a great accomplishment

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Uma Thurmond's Feet

Speaking of Marvel, fan favorite Brie Larson appeared on the podcast "How Did This Get Made?" only to talk about another terrible superhero movie, "Supergirl."

The show's three co-hosts are at times mediocre, misinformed, and mildly amusing, and not above being bribed (they did an episode on the latest "Fast and Furious" movie, which needed to be accompanied by one of John Waters' Smell-O-Vision cards), and the thought of sitting down and listening to this attempt at rehabilitation reminds me of more profitable things to do with my time, like drilling holes in my forehead.


Apparently "artisanal rockets" are a thing.

But are they also curated?


The show's three co-hosts are at times mediocre, misinformed, and mildly amusing

I listened to a few of those but it got grating after a bit.

There's also No Such Thing As A Bad Movie which is less annoying.


More white supremacy.


More white supremacy.

In the article, it says no one knows what prompted the beatdown, but if the child trying to help in the video is the white girl's kid, I'm gonna guess the kid's dad is the reason.


I'm gonna guess the kid's dad is the reason.

Makes sense. Black female hatred of white women who date/marry black men is no secret.


Yes, white supremacy makes any non-white person committing racist assault an Honorary White Person during the assault.

I guess once the [assault, rape, murder, robbery, et al] is over, the BIPOC immediately returns to Oppressed Victim status.

Governor Squid

Are they really Honorary White People, or would it be more fair to call them puppets with no self-control or agency who are driven to commit violence by their White Overlords/Puppet Masters?

Because, y'know, that's so much better...

The more problems they made for themselves, the more they were rewarded [by the welfare state]. We had a peculiar demoralisation… I mean, an actual removal of morality from all human consideration.

Jordan Peterson interviews Theodore Dalrymple.

I’ve only had time to watch a short clip, but I imagine there’ll be other bits of interest.

[ Added: ]

I think we’ll give that one a post of its own.

Comments that-a-way.

Daniel Ream

I rely on people here to keep me informed about these things

A rocket body and motor are quite easy to make with supplies from any hardware store. The guidance system is the tricky part but if you don't care about accuracy and are just going for generalized mayhem you're good to go.

Governor Squid

The hardware store supplies only get you as far as "handyman special" rockets. To truly reach "artisanal" status, you need some Art Deco inspired fins and a really nice hand-rubbed finish.


a really nice hand-rubbed finish

Happy Rocket?


Happy Rocket?

No, you sexual deviants! ARTISANAL...hand crafted. The old fashioned way. Rockets made with love...perverts...

Peachy rex

The brutal irony of the "Dr Strange" incident - it was at the insistence of the never-to-criticised ChiComs.


a really nice hand-rubbed finish

Happy Rocket?

That would be the rocket that Doctor Jerkoff built.

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