Not, In Fact, Done With It
Mind Control Not Yet Achieved, Weeping Ensues

Friday Ephemera

Salon scenes. || Incoming. || Incoming 2. || Today’s word is inadvisable. || Try before you buy. || Beneath Birmingham. || Beverage of note. || Bookstore of note. || At last, a TV series binge-viewing commitment calculator. || Nocturnal sights. || Pit stop. || Pattern detected. || Always respect the media. || Tiny township. || Think quickly. || Elephant seals, Antarctica. || Evergreen observation. || Not entirely sure what’s happening here. || One for the CV, I think. || Shadows in the sky. || Fox watching. || The thrill of car park security footage, parts 3 and 4. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || The fish transportation solution you’ve always dreamed of. || And finally, festively, a party project. Do try this at home.