Friday Ephemera
Our Betters Solve Our Problems

Mind Control Not Yet Achieved, Weeping Ensues

Further to this lively exchange, a new form of “violence” has been conjured into being

You must now actually hallucinate.


Or, “Yes, you pretend what I tell you to pretend, but I can still tell that you’re pretending.”

Or, “Your perceptions are still your own and this outrages me.”

Update, via the comments:

Our neotenous offendee, ¿jordan¿, is now, inevitably, feigning surprise that his – sorry, their - “simple statement” was found in any way debateable, or indeed megalomaniacal:

lmaoooo i did not expect such a simple statement to shake the room like this… it’s simply about people respecting your pronouns as a bare minimum action and doing nothing else to even genuinely see you for who you are beyond how they refer to you, it’s very superficial.

How dare you decline to hallucinate and not “even genuinely” see what he tells you to see at any given time, you superficial bigot. Now step aside, oppressor, there are selfies to be taken.

As Alice notes,

So doing what he wants is even more ‘violent’ than not doing what he wants.


Well, quite. And if someone is at odds with themselves, with their physical being, then making demands of others, expecting them to lie, and then complaining that said lies are insufficiently convincing and therefore “even more violent” – none of this seems likely to alter the basic dissonance. Though it does seem likely to test the patience of anyone inclined to be indulgent. Goodwill being a finite resource and all.