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May 27, 2021



Its founder briefly collaborated with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

I didn't see that coming.


The intersection of wokeness and woo has been mentioned here before, many times.

Daniel Ream

prescribes regularly relating painful memories to a peer counsellor or group and releasing strong feelings by crying, shaking, or screaming as the best salve for psychological wounds.

More cult indoctrination tactics. People don't seek out fringe counselling services if they're well-adjusted and healthy, and these methods will exacerbate any long-term trauma issues.

Sam Duncan

“For more than an hour, he recalled recently, they hugged him on his bed and entreated him to return to the group 'counselling' session while he hid under the covers screaming, 'Please leave me alone!'”

Well, there's a metaphor for 21st Century politics for you.


You actually typed ... tumescent?
Sadly, I believe that is likely the most accurate word in this case ...


You actually typed ... tumescent?

It didn’t seem entirely inapt.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

https: // www.youthonboard.org/

Private Site This site is currently private. If you’re the owner or contributor, log in.

Cached yesterday.

Golly. I wonder why that might be.


One hopes the local authorities are now taking a close interest in the hard drives of those who delivered these sessions…


Better tumescent than turgid...and discernibly turgid is right out....well depending on context of course.

In “RC,” [Re-Evaluation Counseling] students were encouraged to share intensely personal information in a group, and to cry, yell, or scream, with no professional follow-up.

It's like The Breakfast Club.

Jenny Sazama, shown here in 1998, introduced Boston high school students to Re-evaluation Counseling, which she has participated in since childhood...

... in the 1980s, multiple women accused RC founder Harvey Jackins of sexually exploiting them during counseling sessions

... Tim Jackins, the founder’s son and longtime head of RC, calls the cult allegation “a cheap jab to get people scared.” He said the organization has helped tens of thousands of people, including youths, lead better lives.“It’s the idea of getting freer and freer from the restrictions that getting hurt has put on you,” he said.

... Sazama, who grew up in the RC community, met Harvey Jackins when she was about 12 years old, and developed a close bond with him, according to her statements on RC’s website.

... One woman, now in her late 20s, said at Sazama’s urging, she attended regional RC weekend retreats, where she shared her secrets with adults she didn’t know, something she now regrets. “I think about the sessions and I feel gross,” she said.

Old white hippies with 1970's ideas of blurring the boundaries between adults and children...

Luo, a Chinese immigrant, and Matos, who is Black and Latino, said Sazama pressed them in January to attend a statewide RC event on Zoom supposedly for young people of color, only to find a sea of white faces.

... Students say they hope, as they rebuild the council, the program will continue to include emotional support. They could use help, they said, processing the trauma in their lives and the bigotry they encounter in their activism. But they want professional therapists.

“RC was a really important outlet for a lot of people — that’s what kept a lot of us attached to it even though there was a lot of weird stuff about it,” Matos said. “A therapeutic place in general is something we want, but RC’s what we had.”

Displaced by younger and more ruthless ethnic activists who've got their own ideas of what to do with the organization's budget and access to youth.

anon a mouse

Jenny Sazama, the programme leader

Another *woman of pallor*

Ya know, there's a theme there somewhere...


This is actually both scarier and funnier than that Get Out film. Attack of the White Guilt Zombies.


The Ayd Rand is surfacing!
“He thought of all the living species that train their young in the art of survival, the cats who teach their kittens to hunt, the birds who spend such strident effort on teaching their fledglings to fly – yet man, whose tool of survival is the mind, does not merely fail to teach a child to think, but devotes the child’s education to the purpose of destroying his brain, of convincing him that thought is futile and evil, before he has started to think."

The kids in this article probably take to Atlas Shrugged like a fish to water.


"Men would shudder, he thought, if they saw a mother bird plucking the feathers from the wings of her young, then pushing him out of the nest to struggle for survival – yet that was what they did to their children.”


Forget COVID-19, the real pandemic is institutionalised lunacy.

Daniel Ream

It's so much worse than you think:


Daniel Ream

Wow, TypePad really didn't like that. You'll have to just copy and paste the first part of that, everything up to the first quotation mark.


Wow, TypePad really didn’t like that.



And liberals seem astounded that there are all of these "conspiracy theories" about pedophiles, Comet Pizza, Jeffrey Epstein, the Lolita Express, the Lincoln Project, sex trafficking and open borders, and sniffin' Joe Biden.


One hopes the local authorities are now taking a close interest in the hard drives of those who delivered these sessions…

Yes indeed.


Its founder briefly collaborated with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Guaranteed, then, to be creepy and evil. And have you noticed how many science fiction writers knew about L. Ron Hubbard but said nothing public against Scientology?


Displaced by younger and more ruthless ethnic activists


Keondre, the unwilling encounter group wrestler, recovered to become the social media and public relations director. His duties might include looking after the staff page, seeing as he's sitting alone at the bottom, but at the bottom of an ostentatiously inverted pyramid, even underneath Sazama and the emerita co-founder; and his bio (pops up when you click on the portrait) is twice as long as anyone else's. Quite the resume he's building up.

Judging by the names and phizzes, there's not much left in Boston high schools of its founding stock Anglos or traditional Ellis Island working class (out of 25 student reps, one Irish and one Italian name, and not a Winthrop in sight). Sazama looks like an old lady left over after her neighborhood has tipped into white flight. She's finding out now how much loyalty her exotic proteges have for her.

Daniel Ream

his bio [...] is twice as long as anyone else's

He now serves as Director of Youth Empowered Learning for the BPS Office of Opportunity and Achievement Gaps, Director Of Logistics for the National Black MBA Association, and President of the Boston Student Advisory Council Alumni Association. This is all in addition to his freelance photo-journalism, educational & youth justice consultancy, and artisanal candle company launching in Fall2020.

Oh, this has to be satire.

Doesn't it?


Jay Guevara

“For more than an hour, he recalled recently, they hugged him on his bed

Without his permission? Straight-up (if that's quite the word) sexual harassment, methinks.

What's the group's motto? "We're here to help you, whether you want to be helped or not!"


and artisanal candle company launching in Fall2020.

Soon to be sued by Gwyneth Paltrow for trademark infringement.

Jay Guevara

Soon to be sued by Gwyneth Paltrow for trademark infringement.

Has she yet settled the suit by Fulton Fish Market?



Teacher Who Learns More From Her Students Than She Teaches Them Fired

Michael H Anderson

I have my own method of salving my psychological wounds. I go out for a walk at night, find a hippie, and beat the living $hit out of him. Works wonders, I tell you.


I have my own method of salving my psychological wounds...

Okay - so now we now what really happened to Jussie Smollett!

Mr. Saturn

At the Death Camp of Tolerance you will participate....or else.


Remind me again why I'm supposed to think it's a ludicrous conspiracy theory that our nation is ruled by Satan-worshipping pedophiles?

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