Two Approaches To Life
The Tolerant Ones

Friday Ephemera

The concept of sideways. || The scene of the crime. || At last, high-speed hover cars. (h/t, STG) || “Social justice publishing.” || Related. || Perverse and insatiable, there is no cure. || Rolling with it. || Beer vortex. || If the Moon were a disco ball. A giant, somewhat terrifying disco ball. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || Ladies at large. || Felt lemonade. || “A deadly presence.” (Or, when you’re being bullied and you don’t even realise it.) || When hypocrisy is a default. || Seeing-eye shoes. || I laughed and I’m not sorry. || Simpler times. || “Black people can’t be racist,” says big black racist. || Balloon versus orange peel. || A boy and his dog. || Suboptimal translation. || And finally, relaxingly, a foot massage of note.