Reheated (63)
Beneath The Planet Of The Bedlamites

Friday Ephemera

Notice of note. (h/t, Holborn) || I am the night. || Gracious in victory. || The inventor of karaoke. || Vibrant diversity in street and park. || Place your bets - will advocaat carbonate? (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || Quick and tasty snacks, plus patting. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || Interloper. || Portals. || One pack or two? || Today’s word is parasites. || She calls it prayer rape. Because of course she does. || Cleavage detected. || A labour of love. || When you really channel that bad mood. || Jam session of note. || Jigsaw puzzle. || Just like normal people. || “You have to, you do.” || Woke art, woke artist. || Woke blathering level 9: “Fat-phobia is a direct result of anti-blackness.” || And finally, you want to and you know it.