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Friday Ephemera

Two Approaches To Life

Ms Kelly’s outlook, seen below, seems rather fraught and a tad contrived.

Your encouragement is fatphobic.

And so, if a friend or colleague is trying to lose weight, which isn’t always easy, and this friend or colleague makes visible progress, then, naturally, you shouldn’t encourage them. Lest they press on and become happy. You see, according to Ms Kelly, our expert in such matters, “anti-fatness” – i.e., complimenting a friend or colleague for losing weight and achieving a goal – is “a perpetuation and enforcement of white supremacist beauty standards.” Sheer beastliness. If you must acknowledge the accomplishment at all, it seems you’re only allowed to do it in a curiously roundabout way – say, by talking about their shoes

Other, perhaps more obvious approaches are of course available

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