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Please Stop Objecting To The Assault Of Your Person

Friday Ephemera

Motoring scenes. || Sainthood suggested. || Higher power. || “Community art mural.” || So how do you “embody being neuro-queer”? || At last, bendy ice. || Before “capitalism,” everything was free, you know. || On Columbo and intrigue without mystery. || Milk in coffee is “sexist,” also, “white supremacist.” || London liveliness. (h/t, Julia) || Liveliness 2. || Pool 2.0 || Her pronouns are more complicated than yours. || He does this better than you do. || Shoe stash detected. || Assorted sounds, from data centres to Japanese gardens. || At last, a vintage drum machine listening quiz. (h/t, Things) || Man versus mantis shrimp. || Formerly Norman’s. || Footie fans of yore. || And finally, nommy-nommy-nom.