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Friday Ephemera

Danger, Will Robinson

When the topic of gender and genitals came up…

In pre-school, of course

Koe Creation, the rather animated lady above, is, she says, a “second-generation queerspawn” - by which she means the product of a polyamorous household - and is allegedly, via some unspecified process, an expert in “sex-positive parenting” and “non-violent communication,” on which she offers “guidance.” She - or rather they, because pronouns - works within the “polyamorous and kink communities” and holds workshops in bondage and sadomasochism, and is therefore, obviously, spending lots of time with small children and talking about their bodies.


Ms Creation, also known as Valkyrie Jacobson-Smith, is now upset that “the trolls” have found her public announcements and have not been overly impressed or encouraged by them. Insufficient enthusiasm – and any kind of demurral – apparently warrants the designation troll. Presumably, the wider public – those outside of “polyamorous and kink communities” – should be thrilled to discover that pre-school children are being taught by a self-styled “expert” in bondage and sadomasochism, and being quizzed on their genitals, and being used as a basis for “intergenerational dialogue around relational identities (such as polyamory, sexuality… and kink).”

Because, hey, there’s nothing creepy or concerning about that at all.

Yes, dear reader, it’s terribly unfair when people fail to affirm your radicalism and subversiveness, with children aged three and four - a subversiveness of which you’re so proud - based on “moments when that rhetoric happened to come up in the classroom.”

It just happened, you see.

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