Danger, Will Robinson
We’re All In This Together

Friday Ephemera

How to use a chair. || How to sell bread. || Biodegradable shoes. || These black holes are bigger than yours. || Suboptimal situation. || Incoming. || Kuru, the laughing death epidemic of Papua New Guinea. || How to kill weeds. || Wheelchair of note. || Wheelchair of note 2. || “He would put on the voice of an elderly woman, then ask the call handler to describe their feet.” (h/t, pst314) || Can I touch? || Candle smoke. || Cat trees. || Accidentally gigantic spiders. || Which kind of rain would you like? || Candy Wrapper Museum. || Jam session. (h/t, Darleen) || Life skills. || The sounds of learning. || Serving suggestion. || When The Pie Was Opened, 1941. || And in ever-updating pronoun news, “This makes perfect sense.”