Elsewhere (307)
Her Complications Are More Fascinating Than Yours

Friday Ephemera

Slow-motion moths. || The most intelligent lifeform on planet Earth. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || The Museum of Everything Else has an Instagram page. (h/t, Things) || Also, mice farm. || Burly tumbleweed. || The thrill of budgerigars. || Talking Dog. || Cats will do that. || Cat versus cobra. || “Vasily was generously rewarded.” || Viewing dispute. || Pearls detected. || “Completely waterproof.” || The thrill of South Korean candy manufacturing. || They increase in mass. || Just like normal people. || Unhappy conversions. || Highway liveliness. || Illusion of note. (h/t, Julia) || Christopher Lee reads Sherlock Holmes. || Honing skills. || One woman and her bear. || And finally, the thrill of cleaning.