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Danger, Will Robinson

Where Pretending Gets You

Via TomJ in the comments:

The head of one of Scotland’s biggest rape crisis centres has suggested “bigoted” rape survivors should be re-educated about transgender rights as part of recovering from their trauma. Mridul Wadhwa, a transgender woman, said people would not truly recover unless they addressed their “unacceptable beliefs” because “therapy is political.” She said: “We will work with you... but please expect to be challenged on your prejudices.” The comments imply rape survivors may be treated differently according to their political views.

So, a woman who has just been traumatically violated by a man pretending to be something that he isn’t, i.e., a lover, and been forced to submit to his fantasies, is now to face another man pretending to be something that he isn’t. And will be forced to submit to his fantasies


Wadhwa, a self-styled “strategic thinker,” insists that “therapy is political” - which apparently means that a woman who’s been raped by a man and then seeks help from other women will be told, on the orders of a man, that she “can’t really… recover from trauma” until she “reframes” that experience to incorporate the most modish and deranging iteration of transgender ideology. Failure to do so is “unacceptable” and will of course be “challenged.” Because priorities.

The centre is currently advertising for a chief operating officer, who must also be a woman, and says applications from trans women would be “especially welcome.”

Must be a woman - or even better, not.

As STG says in the comments,

Imagine going to your first counselling session after being raped and realising that the counsellor considers their problems more important than yours. And then realising that, in addition, the therapist wants emotional support from you, and that if you don’t give it, you are considered a bad person. And this is policy.

Indeed. Readers are invited to imagine, too, the precise level of self-preoccupation required in the scenario above. To insert one’s own psychodrama into that situation, of all situations. It’s practically sociopathic. Yet here we are.

Update 2:

And because things aren’t sufficiently bizarre, from elsewhere in the article:

Wadhwa also attempted to address concerns about natal males being in rape crisis centres by arguing “men are already in these spaces” because they were involved in decisions about its funding and “planning permission.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Planning permission.


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