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I am a polyamorous, pansexual, lesbian and nonbinary transwoman. I’m also a furry. 

As someone quips in reply to this, “When you give yourself all the roles in the Discord server.” 

When not discussing his mental health issues - a go-to and seemingly inexhaustible topic - or deploying niche hashtags by the dozen, or modelling his assorted looks, from “hot girl summer” to “basic bitch autumn,” Mr Wildcat, quoted above, likes to remind viewers of how startlingly original he – sorry, e/er - is:

I realise my neo-pronouns are a little unique, mostly because… I came up with them. 

Readers will note that Mr Wildcat apparently finds it bewildering that someone – specifically, a female colleague - might not be entirely convinced by his supposedly unassailable womanly status:

She struggled with identifying my gender and it’s like… what? I wear low-cut tops to work.

It was confusing. It confuses me.

Update, via the comments:

Note that the one doing the misgendering can only ever be you. Other possibilities being inconceivable.

Which raises an obvious question - who’s gaslighting whom?

This, I think, is what makes trans activism different from that of other groups with which transgender people are often equated. Someone being gay, for instance, doesn’t generally entail a demand that everyone else either hallucinate or pretend to hallucinate. Which is to say, trans activism often includes a belief that the rest of us should pretend that the physical reality we can see is somehow not the case. And unsurprisingly, people may object to being told that they should lie on demand.

As noted in the post linked above,

If someone is at odds with themselves, with their physical being, then making demands of others, expecting them to lie, and then complaining that said lies are insufficiently convincing and therefore “even more violent” – none of this seems likely to alter the basic dissonance. Though it does seem likely to test the patience of anyone inclined to be indulgent. Goodwill being a finite resource and all.

And so, there are self-styled activists who are outraged that efforts to oblige them, however politely and in keeping with current fashion, are still insufficiently convincing and can’t quite overcome the outraged person’s own doubts as to what it is they are.

Oh, and apparently, trans people can’t fart. Hey, I’m just writing down what I’m being told.

Also, open thread. Share ye links and bicker.