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Problematic Pallor, Part 362

I want to share with people why I didn’t know I was white. Because I think a lot of people don’t know they are white.

The speaker quoted above is Dr Julia Storberg-Walker, an associate professor of education at George Washington University. A teacher of teachers, of those who will in turn shape young minds, or try to, anyway. Our educator’s realisation of her own “whiteness” - and thus innate wrongness - was, we’re told, a result of “somatic, embodied training,” which is essential, apparently. In order to struggle with one’s “positionality” as a White Devil, a doer of “harm,” a devourer of souls.

Dr Storberg-Walker’s academic biography tells us,

Her activist/scholar work…

Because one can’t not be an activist, obviously.

is generative and aims to develop equitable and compassionate frameworks, models, and processes for the purpose of catalysing whole planet interdependence and flourishing. 

Whole planet flourishing. Goodness. This feat is to be achieved by drawing on,

quantum field theory, and wisdom traditions spanning diverse cultures and historical moments.  

Readers are invited to speculate as to exactly how quantum field theory might bear upon such topics as “critical race activism,” or “colonised words,” and how it might inform “deep learning” about the seemingly endless pathologies of being pale. Alas, Dr Storberg-Walker remains coy on the subject, merely teasing us, and instead offers the following:

I see my contribution as an [sic] leadership studies educator grounded in the the [sic] wisdom of the feminine—a voice long submerged and whose time is now.


I have started to find more and more people who share this type of perspective,

An encouraging development, I’m sure.

and I see more and more people yearning for the profound, the wise, and the eternal.

Okay, then. So, the words intersectional woo are entirely inappropriate and should be banished from your minds, you doubting heathens. If racially neurotic women and pretentious ethno-masochism are your thing, we’ve poked this particular bag of crazy before. More than once