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Error detected. || The thrill of asteroids. || Some rumination on fries. || Fortune favours the bold. || He was indeed a big chap. || The joys of public transport, part 4,021. || Simple party secrets. || Plenty of meat on that one. || Those poor darling rapists and paedophiles. || Please report to the correct processing space. || The progressive retail experience, parts 405, 406 and 407. || The thrill of plankton. || Pillow fight. || Woke scholarship. || “That perfect middle.” || The patriarchy trembles. (h/t, Mr Muldoon) || Just one more time. || Motoring scenes. || Motoring scenes 2. || Salvation, you say? || Encouraging sounds. || Signage of note. || Safety first. || And finally, festively, one for the Christmas list.



I guess I'm getting old.

As am I.


Back in the day--High School in the 70s--that meant "bullshit." .

Much of this stuff is significantly local as well. My high school, and those we were friendly with, had specific words that when I got to college I discovered were not universal. Or there were similar but different. In my school, if someone was a social dweeb, we called him an "Eddie". Up coast a ways, their word for that was a "Wally". Someone who was showing off what they knew or was being a wiseass was "Owling off". "Don't owl man" was understood. Also...there was this guy who was well known on the beach side for the expression "Oosh". Which had a certain...mmm...positive feeling feeling about it. Which plays into what I should have mentioned about the 'Upchurch' name in my post above. 'Up'-something, in certain context, meant 'Fuck'- something. Thus the name 'Upchurch' was kinda slangish for 'Fuckchurch'.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

La etat science c'est moi.

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