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Maybe Not Deft, But Certainly Bold

The dishonesty, I mean.

Speaking of which, he’s doing it for the students, you know. And he sometimes turns up to class in full drag. To make it a “safe space.”

Update, via the comments:

Regarding the second item, Jen quips, “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

Ah, but you see, it’s “a place for them, by them,” while clearly being all about him and entirely his idea, and entirely dependent on his preferences on any given day. So, sometimes it’s full drag, and sometimes just big earrings, nail polish and wacky tart shoes. To make the children feel “safe.” I somehow doubt that any pupils or parents who find this educator’s behaviour, shall we say, distracting or not entirely reassuring, will be indulged anything like as much as he expects to be.

Update 2:  

I suppose the above raises the question of whether you think schoolchildren should be compelled to participate, daily, as a captive audience, in a teacher’s gender-bending psychodrama. Complete with beard, make-up, and ‘fuck-me’ hooker shoes. What matters, we’re told, is that he gets to “look how I wanna look” during office hours, on other people’s time, while teaching other people’s children, and while supposedly setting an example of adult behaviour. And, luckily for him, farcical self-indulgence is just so woke, baby. “I’m here to recruit you,” quips he.

According to our progressive educator, the spectacle of him parading around the classroom in clownish make-up and women’s clothes, his beard offset with stiletto heels – which he just happens to enjoy wearing - will somehow create a “safe space” for gay schoolchildren. All of whom, apparently, aspire to be narcissistic cross-dressers with terrible taste. As someone who was once a gay schoolboy, back in a darker, more primitive age, I have to say, the sight of my chunky, rather stern German teacher striding about the classroom in Joker makeup and five-inch stilettos would not have been particularly affirming, no matter how many Pride flags he waved about while doing it.

Update 3:

If you question our educator’s behaviour, you’re “not so nice people” and, inevitably, a “homophobe.” There being no other variables, you see, nothing else to consider. And note the use of the children as a rhetorical shield.

Taken broadly, it’s a strange conceit – one might say perverse - and seemingly common among woke educators. The idea that being a gay adolescent means you must therefore feel some kind of affinity with self-absorbed cross-dressing educators, just as you must be affirmed by the prospect of small children being read to, and twerked at, by drag queens - a remarkable number of whom turn out to be registered sex offenders. As if these things were role models and objects of kinship. As if being lurid and grotesque, or mentally ill, would be an obvious aspiration. A way to feel good about oneself.

It is, I think, a little odd.

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