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Andrew Gutmann and Paul Rossi on the woke indoctrination that parents aren’t supposed to see:  

In workshops such as “Integrating Healing-Centered Engagements Into a DEIA School Program” and “Racial Trauma and the Path Toward Healing,” we learned how DEI practitioners use segregated affinity groups and practices such as healing circles to inculcate feelings of trauma. Even students without grievances are trained to see themselves as victims of their ancestors’ suffering through “intergenerational violence.”

The next step in a school’s transformation is “inclusion.” Schools must integrate DEI work into every aspect of the school and every facet of the curriculum must be evaluated through an antibias, antiracist, or anti-oppressive lens. In “Let’s Talk About It! Anti-Oppressive Unit and Lesson Plan Design,” we learned that the omission of this lens—“failing to explore the intersection of STEM and social justice,” for instance—constitutes an act of “curriculum violence.”

Children of kindergarten age are defined, enthusiastically, as “natural social-justice warriors” and “small activists.”

Regarding the above, a professor of political science doesn’t want you to notice

Please stop noticing what is happening.

Dr Tabachnick, above, also thinks that “critical race theory,” of which we’ve spoken many times, is being targeted with a “smear campaign.” As opposed to, say, being revealed as stupefying and pernicious, and its boosters and practitioners quoted verbatim.

Another leftist academic, this chap, is irked that value isn’t determined by self-imagined importance and the needless stating of pronouns. As James Morrow quips

The crisis of elite overproduction in one tweet.

From the archives and somewhat related.

And Noah Carl on the unsayable

How naïve of [chemistry professor, John] Sherman to assume that you could discuss such things at a university, especially after everything that’s happened over the past two years. In August of 2020, Professor Greg Patton was suspended for pronouncing a Chinese word that sounds like a racial slur. If Sherman wanted to broach the subject of race and IQ, he should have picked a location more conducive to free inquiry – like a warehouse or a bus stop.

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