Sup Ye At The Teats Of Art
And Each Time, The Hoops Get Smaller

Friday Ephemera

“Oh, this isn’t so bad.” || Dinner is served. || Dude. || On human biodiversity, a series of documentaries. || Helping hands. || Her pronouns are “a little bit too complicated” to fit in her bio. || At last, tiny power tools. || That’s the spot. || There may have been an explosion. || What’s under the pavement? || The progressive retail experience, parts 411, 412, and 413. || Never say never, they say. || Internet vending machines. || Nice save, sir. || Nice save 2. || Insufferable twat detected. || I think there’s something in the dark. || Creature comfort. || They congratulate themselves. || How to make colour-changing cabbage juice. || “He gets very excited when he sees food.” || And finally, rather briskly, scenes of forbidden love.

Oh, and a reminder that I now have a Gettr account.