Walking While Outdoors: A New Frontier For Fearless Homosexuals
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Friday Ephemera

Secret entrance of note. || We are not related. || I was previously unaware of white strawberries. || This is bigger than yours. || Box of human heads stolen. || That’s close enough, pussycat. || Almost Pong, a game, of sorts. || Those Monday morning blues. || Incoming. || Incoming 2. || Not entirely ideal. || “Non-binary” baby shower. || A brief history of cardboard. || She does this better than you would. || Heardle, like Wordle, but with pop music. || Know your place, peasant. || Where pretentious grievance gets you. || The progressive retail experience, parts 417, 418, 419, and 420. || Know your place, part 2: “Men, don’t speak.” || A situation has arisen. || And finally, futuristically, the world of tomorrow.