And Along Came A Lady
As A Woman, Just Like You, His Preferences Override Yours

Friday Ephemera

Lion deterrent detected. || Get a load of me. || In case of emergency. || Meet your new flatmate. || Scenes from Mother Russia. || How to make carrot cake. || The thrill of carving broccoli. || They have one of these and, frankly, you don’t. || Headphones detected || Hens and roosters. || The classics, redone. (h/t, Damian) || The progressive retail experience, parts 421 and 422. || Little picture books. || Not without a point. || Slow-motion bubble-popping, from the inside. || Globle, or the thrill of geography. || The struggle is real, people. || Roland50 studio. || An obstacle is encountered. || The making of marbles. || A high-stakes drama unfolds. || And finally, behold ye the dominant species on planet Earth.