Have You Tried Less Tiresome Music?
Your Children Will Participate In My Psychodrama

Friday Ephemera

I’m not sure what this is, but I think you should try it. || At last, a self-crumpling ballpoint pen. || Attention, ladies. Alice wants to use your bathroom. || A little scrubbing. || It’s a job. || The unblocking did not go well. || The thrill of wearing women’s knickers. || Thieving large objects, a thread. || Anti-theft device of note, 1961. || Intellectual activity, 2022. || Today’s word is serendipity. (h/t, Darleen) || Well, you would, I suppose. || Dancing at 90 degrees. || Cheese trajectory. || Gamer girl. || Giving it everything. || Ready meals of note. || And how was your day, dear? || How to play the piano. || John Peel roulette. (h/t, Things) || And finally, implausibly, the kamikaze porn-star scandal that rocked Japan.

Also, I now have a Gettr account.