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Friday Ephemera

Emotional drama at the dentist. || Some dunnies are nicer than others. || Cheeeldren of the night (daytime version). || How to turn a health supplement into the smell of death. || Humpback and hand-crank. || To please her, you must hallucinate. || How clouds are made. || A little too close for comfort. || Capturing a special moment. || “Endless love and happiness.” || They do say the laundry never ends. || Danger, Will Robinson. || The brightest and best, you know. || Stunning and brave. || Not quite what I expected. (h/t, Ben) || Today’s words are preschool teacher. || The popular music of ancient Rome. || Pyramids ahoy. (h/t, Julia) || Process accelerated. || And finally, the thrill of footwear.

Update, via the comments:

In coping news, a thread. Somewhat related:

The Hivemind is unhappy.