Feeding On Failure
Daddy’s Baggage

Friday Ephemera

The situation did not improve. || Peekaboo with impunity. || Snack accepted. || Caught off guard. || Urge detected. || With magnets and cold aluminium. || A compilation of mishaps, near misses, and motorized morons. || And another. || Scenic route. || I expect your answers by the end of the day. || Dad skillz deployed. || He does this… er, pretty well, actually. || How to impress your friends. || How to impress your friends 2. || Playing with propane. || Invisible chair. || High anxiety. || And yes, he did survive. || Today’s words are hostage video. || How to confuse honeybees. || How to make a slightly bouncy egg. || Speaking of bouncing. || And finally, if you want all the bouncing, I can only offer you this.