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Christopher Rufo on when the Philadelphia School District encouraged teachers to brush up on transgender “wellness”: 

Chase Ross, a transgender activist and YouTuber, hosted a series of sessions on “packers,” “masturbation sleeves,” and “prosthetics for sex,” demonstrating various devices from his collection of more than 500 genital prosthetics. “I have tried and touched many dicks, right—prosthetics, real dicks, all dicks. This is one of the most realistic feeling in terms of like the inside of a penis,” he said during one demonstration. “It’s a big boy, this is, like, gigantic.”

Apparently, you can’t teach English or chemistry to any pupils who may think themselves transgender unless you know everything there is to know about puppy fetishes, polyamory, and “artificial ejaculation devices.”

If your own knowledge of such things is insufficiently comprehensive, Mr Rufo has several educational videos from the conference.



Which is mitigated by noting whether the parking lot is packed with local cars, or asking a local.

Mitigated but not entirely solved.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Mitigated but not entirely solved.

"L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace."


"L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace."

In this context, I'm not sure what you really mean. Are you attempting to refute what I wrote about the useful predictability of franchise chain restaurants and motels?

So, by my count, XY chromosonal females are superior to the XX type in:

TV trivia
Weight lifting
And now, surfing

You may add skateboarding to The List.

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