It’ll Be Our Little Secret
Craving Persecution

Friday Ephemera

Some things, alas, cannot be unseen. || A display of colour-matching skills. (h/t, Darleen) || Live cooking feed of note. || Today’s word is carefree. || All the fun of the fair. || Kitten fishing. || Infinity bike. || Your own fab, switched-on Radiophonic Workshop. (h/t, Things) || Fiddle with drum loops. || At last, the smell of old people. || 10, Hyde Park Place. || Doll’s house of note. || “I can do it.” || Do keep up because there will be a test. || How to impress the ladies, a possible series. || “I want something I can hold... something that has value.” || The machine uprising, day one. || Your new morning routine. || Nice save, madam. || Women, you say. (h/t, Julia) || Ladies at large. || And finally, a justified gasp.