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Damned If You Do.  

How dare you like, or not like, her aboriginal-feminist poetry:

We’re told that being a “coloured” or “Indigenous” writer is fraught with “structural oppression,” on account of being “marginalised” – as when being invited to literary award parties and then swooned over by pretentious pale-skinned lefties. “Whiteness” and “white men” are particular burdens to Ms Whittaker and her peers, whose suffering – their “collective plight” - is seemingly endless and endlessly fascinating, at least among those for whom such woes are currency. As Ms Whittaker’s world is one of practised self-involvement, her point is at times unobvious. However, our unhappy poet appears to be annoyed both by “underwhelming responses” to her own writing and by insufficiently convincing displays of approval. All that “endless patronising praise.” At which point, the words high maintenance spring to mind.

She Does All This For Us, You Know

Or, The Thrill Of Hand Dryers:

I thought I’d cheer you with another chance to marvel at the mind-shattering talents of Ms Sandrine Schaefer, a performance artist whose adventures with lettuce and underwear have previously entertained us. Ms Schaefer, who teaches performance art to those less gifted than herself, has been described by the senior curator at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art as “amazing,” “compelling” and yet inexplicably “underfunded.”

You Can Either Concur Or Agree

At Edinburgh University, performative neuroticism reaches new heights:

As leftism is premised on presumed, often ludicrous categories of ‘victim’ and ‘oppressor’, this kind of incoherence and opportunism is pretty much inevitable. And yet Ms Wilson, who piously signals her disdain for “white men” as some supposedly malign and oppressive group, is somehow surprised when the same mindset of implausible delicacy and question-begged categories – the same glib piety - is applied to her for being insufficiently conformist.

But maybe the thing to take away from this is the fact that someone involved in leftwing student politics was sufficiently keen to exercise power over others that they made a formal complaint about a woman quietly shaking her head in disagreement and then called for a vote on whether said woman should be banished to the outer darkness. An expulsion that 17 other students saw fit to endorse. As if this were something that sane people do. Because even small head movements are something to be punished.

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