When Having Standards Is The Problem
Friday Ephemera

All These Things Thou Shalt Not Judge

At Adelphi University, a curious inclusion:

A private university in New York told students, faculty, and staff to not discriminate against someone based on a history of sexual offences. A poster at the university, obtained by The College Fix, has a list of categories and a statement that “I will not discriminate.” The poster has the university’s name on it. People should “not discriminate” against someone based on sex, race, disability, or religion, according to the poster, nor someone’s “sexual offender status.”

Presumably, students and staff should not regard someone’s status as a registered sex offender as having any conceivable utility or relevance and should never allow this knowledge to influence any decisions they might make about anything. 

An adjacent poster denounces “dating violence,” “lack of consent” and “incapacitated sexual contact.”

Also, open thread.