All These Things Thou Shalt Not Judge
Your Children Will Tell Me How Pretty I Am

Friday Ephemera

More than close enough. || The machine uprising, day 3. || A test of manliness. || Meanwhile, in Canada. || Neutralising tremors. || That’s a lot of drag-for-kiddies. || That’s a lot of transgender paedophilia. (h/t, Burnsie) || He does this better than you do. || Songs like X. For finding new music like the music you know. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || One woman’s war on “promiscuous kissing.” || How to make peanut butter glow. || Decent bouncing, better save. || Consolations. || Cross-cultural interaction. || Cross-cultural interaction 2. || Surprisingly casual. || Her gender is “inherently related to teeth.” || Musical interlude. || And finally, following this item, “Attention, children, your role-model adult has arrived.”