Friday Ephemera
Friday Ephemera

Womenfolk, Know Your Place

And in sports news:

An adult biological male who identifies as a woman edged out a 13-year-old girl to take first place in a women’s skateboarding contest held in New York Saturday.

Sometimes reality is a little too on-the-nose.

Update, via the comments, where Melofon adds,

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire takes a brave stand in favour of ... the tradition and competitive integrity of the sport of women’s skateboarding. Opening itself up to the (correct) rebuttal that it has no interest in skateboarding or women in skateboarding, and is only covering it to pick on the tranny.

Well, I doubt that ladies’ skateboarding is a regular topic of conversation at the Daily Wire, or among its readers, but the particulars of the sport are not the thing that’s most interesting. There is a wider context, of which the above is very much part. I would guess that readers are more likely to be interested in the pretence that unwell men can become women, seemingly by dint of wishing, and are therefore to be admitted, unopposed, into women’s sports and women’s intimate spaces. The Daily Wire’s readers may even regard this trend, correctly, as pretentious, unrealistic, and unhappy in its implications.

To register this phenomenon - and its wide and rapid spread - as noteworthy is rather more than, as Melofon puts it, picking on the tranny.

More details of the skateboarding saga can be found here.

Readers will note that several wins by dysmorphic men have occurred in women’s skateboarding, and that female players who aren’t entirely happy with this arrangement find themselves assailed by trans activists for daring to complain. Again, the issue isn’t ladies’ skateboarding as such, but rather the ongoing and widespread efforts to normalise something that’s quite odd, one might say surreal, and often unjust.

If another example is required, one that shows, quite vividly, just how awry things can get…

Ladies, meet Tyler.

Note that, being scrupulously woke, the women’s shelter sided, quite emphatically, with the male interloper. A man who is seriously mentally ill, who boasts of stabbing people and is very excited by the thought of poisoning the water supply, and who seems to enjoy taunting the abused women with whom he shares a space by making sure they see his erection.

Despite what would seem to be a full board of flashing red lights, the woke administrators denounced criticism of their policy – and concern for the actual women subjected to his proximity - as “transphobic.” Concerns regarding the inaptness of his presence, and its implications for the women’s safety at a time of vulnerability, were dismissed as unworthy of acknowledgement: “We refuse to engage in a dialogue that gives a platform to transphobic groups or individuals or otherwise does damage to women who are transgender.” Instead, the shelter’s administrators insisted, proudly, on being “non-judgmental.”

It would, I think, be a plausible premise for a psychological horror film. Not one I’d care to watch, mind you, but still.

And if someone, or an entire institution, can be fundamentally compromised on something so glaringly obvious, with the sociopathy staring them in the face, where is the upper limit of all this pious pretending? What bridge would be too far?

Update 2:

And no, the above is not some one-off aberration.

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