Friday Ephemera
Friday Ephemera

Womenfolk, Know Your Place

And in sports news:

An adult biological male who identifies as a woman edged out a 13-year-old girl to take first place in a women’s skateboarding contest held in New York Saturday.

Sometimes reality is a little too on-the-nose.

Update, via the comments, where Melofon adds,

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire takes a brave stand in favour of ... the tradition and competitive integrity of the sport of women’s skateboarding. Opening itself up to the (correct) rebuttal that it has no interest in skateboarding or women in skateboarding, and is only covering it to pick on the tranny.

Well, I doubt that ladies’ skateboarding is a regular topic of conversation at the Daily Wire, or among its readers, but the particulars of the sport are not the thing that’s most interesting. There is a wider context, of which the above is very much part. I would guess that readers are more likely to be interested in the pretence that unwell men can become women, seemingly by dint of wishing, and are therefore to be admitted, unopposed, into women’s sports and women’s intimate spaces. The Daily Wire’s readers may even regard this trend, correctly, as pretentious, unrealistic, and unhappy in its implications.

To register this phenomenon - and its wide and rapid spread - as noteworthy is rather more than, as Melofon puts it, picking on the tranny.

More details of the skateboarding saga can be found here.

Readers will note that several wins by dysmorphic men have occurred in women’s skateboarding, and that female players who aren’t entirely happy with this arrangement find themselves assailed by trans activists for daring to complain. Again, the issue isn’t ladies’ skateboarding as such, but rather the ongoing and widespread efforts to normalise something that’s quite odd, one might say surreal, and often unjust.

If another example is required, one that shows, quite vividly, just how awry things can get…

Ladies, meet Tyler.

Note that, being scrupulously woke, the women’s shelter sided, quite emphatically, with the male interloper. A man who is seriously mentally ill, who boasts of stabbing people and is very excited by the thought of poisoning the water supply, and who seems to enjoy taunting the abused women with whom he shares a space by making sure they see his erection.

Despite what would seem to be a full board of flashing red lights, the woke administrators denounced criticism of their policy – and concern for the actual women subjected to his proximity - as “transphobic.” Concerns regarding the inaptness of his presence, and its implications for the women’s safety at a time of vulnerability, were dismissed as unworthy of acknowledgement: “We refuse to engage in a dialogue that gives a platform to transphobic groups or individuals or otherwise does damage to women who are transgender.” Instead, the shelter’s administrators insisted, proudly, on being “non-judgmental.”

It would, I think, be a plausible premise for a psychological horror film. Not one I’d care to watch, mind you, but still.

And if someone, or an entire institution, can be fundamentally compromised on something so glaringly obvious, with the sociopathy staring them in the face, where is the upper limit of all this pious pretending? What bridge would be too far?

Update 2:

And no, the above is not some one-off aberration.

Consider this an open thread. Share ye links and bicker.


Daniel Ream

rather than having Billboard Chris dragged out of court in chains


I found his comment about having to speak up himself because the Crown prosecutor was committing blatant perjury interesting. I've observed this myself, and it appears to be fairly common that the Crown will just lie their faces off in court and get away with it.


“Missing woman.”

Computer says no.


Computer says no.

“She is described as 5’10”, with a slim build, shaggy blonde hair, and a full goatee.”


“Missing woman.”

This isn't just ridiculous but downright dangerous IF the people looking for this man really want to find him.

And in the event he is never located, years down the line when his skeletal remains are found, medical examination and DNA testing will say "male" and the checking of missing persons files, first filtered for approx age, date of reported disappearance and sex, will reveal nothing.

This is too serious for this enabling of mental illness idiocy.


“Missing woman.”

Please tell me it's a parody...


Please tell me it’s a parody...

Oh, it’s quite real.


"missing woman": As Darleen noted, there are real consequences to this pretend. Let us say this person was a murderer rather than missing. The initial headline would have people think a female murder suspect was out there. The proper level of precaution would not be taken. The refusal to say the race of other suspects also puts people at risk. Now if an alert says "white male" you know but otherwise you have to guess which brown category the dangerous person belongs to. Clown world is not funny IRL.


Spite and narcissism masked as piety, part 3,064.

You see, they will “make it impossible” for you to own a car of which they do not approve, starting by deflating your tyres. And then congratulating themselves.

As Tim Newman adds, “I’m sure lone women with a handbag and laptop will be delighted to find their car is unusable on a New York street at night because some twat decided to let down a tyre.”


Missing Woman

My favourite reply: “Is that Gemma from the Halifax?”


You see, they will “make it impossible” for you to own a car of which they do not approve

Soon ordinary citizens will begin to question the virtuousness of tolerating such people. And yes, I have read reports of tires being deflated or slashed.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Spite and narcissism masked as piety, part 3,064.

This is a machine that destroys life with terrifying efficiency.

Where do they come up with this horseshit?

SUVs are unnecessary, and pure vanity at the expense of others' lives.

I have a friend who lives in a big city and has for the job has to carry more health care supplies than can be put into a sedan. Yeah, the SUV is a vanity.

I wonder if a 1976 Olds Vistacruiser with the 455 Rocket V8 and three speed auto would be acceptable to them, it is not an SUV after all.

Metal valve stems - check
Spare Shrader valves and tool - check
Inflator - check



Farnsworth M Muldoon

Spite and narcissism masked as piety, part 3,604

"Our generation has no other choice..." but to glue ourselves to a van Gogh.


Spite and narcissism masked as piety, part 3,604

I blame the school teachers and college professors who lied to them all their lives.

anon a mouse

"starting by deflating your tyres."

Not, I think, much of a concern here...


Real Bon Appetit article:

Yeah...Had a high school friend, well friend of friends actually, who obsessed a bit on the juvenile twist on that phrase. You can probably guess it. Which also became his go-to phrase when someone or something was "gay"...both literal and figurative. was Butch something...The irony of it being I'm about 40% sure the guy himself was gay. But it being the late 70's...Did I mention he used that phrase at every slightest opportunity? like, whenever hearing the phrase spoken properly the "Butch" version is what I know, it doesn't have to be a catchy tune for something to be an earworm. Just throwing out random thoughts. Yeah...thanks for the memories though.

On a positive note, I haven't seen the json error in a few days.


Let us say this person was a murderer rather than missing. The initial headline would have people think a female murder suspect was out there. The proper level of precaution would not be taken.

Well that's just Darwin at work on you heathens, inninit? You'll either learn or be swept away in the dustbin of xistory.

“Missing woman.”

Missing something, certainly.

Uma Thurmond's Feet

"starting by deflating your tyres."

I see the rulers of Twatter see no problem with advocating vandalism, since they're allowed to keep their account. But call a woman a woman like Dr. Peterson ...


"Missing woman."

Looks a bit like Shaggy, from Scooby Doo.


Wikipedia's claimed interest in accurate and complete information.

They are interested being accurate and complete, using their own "private definition[s]" (Orwell) for all those words.

And for those who haven't seen this:


And for those who haven't seen this:

I didn't see the Babylon Bee listed at all. Why such prejudice? I would match their accuracy at reporting news before it happens against their competition who more often get the news wrong even after it happens.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

And for those who haven't seen this:

Buzzfeed and The Guardian are reliable sources. Right, this is basically a Bizzaro World list.


And for those who haven't seen this:

They also list the SPLC as a reliable source. [ shakes head ] Why not Pravda and Izvestia too?

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Why not Pravda and Izvestia too?

Because compared to most of the things listed in green, they are reliable and don't pretend to be anything other than a party mouthpiece.

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