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Friday Ephemera

I did not see that coming. || The adult in the room. || I blame magnetic rays. || Brisk and bumpy. || Trolley problems. || Just like Spider-Man. || The joys of public transport, part 4,867. || Are they peaceful? || Perilous path taken. || The progressive retail experience, parts 436 and 437. || Five minutes of rush-hour McDonald’s. || Small act. (h/t, Perry) || Great save, I guess. || Not-at-all-weird trans-drag for kiddies. || Day 98 of girlhood. || Overgrown brats in need of belated spanking. || The bleeding edge of yesteryear. (h/t, Things) || The two-headed boy of Bengal. || Milky scenes. || Incoming. || They wanted extra sauce but they didn’t want to pay for it. || And finally, via Tim, a relaxing time was had.