Those Critical Faculties
Miracle Occurs, Authorities Confounded

Friday Ephemera

The scent of a woman. || Two types of pleasure face. || Change of plan. And yes, everyone survived. || Deploy. || Their drinks are fancier than yours. || Frame the dog. || That’s exactly how I would’ve done it. || This watch is thinner than yours. || Incoming. || Incoming 2. || Never mind the scenery, just watch where you step. || Today’s word is snug. || The thrill of innovation. || The thrill of grocery shopping. || Philadelphia street scenes. || Why dogs don’t rule the Earth. || “Are you? Are you? Are you?” || Somewhat related. || He loves you, so there’s that. || I have questions. || Tidying. || Two points, perhaps related. || An invitation to chat, possibly over coffee. || And finally, thrillingly, a sighting of bra and panties.