Reheated (69)
Reheated (70)

Friday Ephemera

It’s a lot to take in. || A miscalculation occurred. || Not ideal, really. || A light snack, owl style. || Little white lie brings many tips. || First gurgle. || “Children realise early on that the fit between forefinger and nostril is pretty good.” || She helpfully has her pronouns tattooed on her face. || Or perhaps you’d prefer dining option C…? || The progressive retail experience, parts 438 and 439. || The progressive retail experience, interrupted version. || Topple “white supremacy” with lettuce, only $58. || Go on, take one for the team. || Attitude detected. || Why spiders don’t rule the Earth. || Typo of note. || Parenting. || Little helper. || A project for the weekend. || And finally, he does this better than you do.