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Friday Ephemera

Spot the error. || The thrill of beavers. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || Bold statement. || Baggage of note. (h/t, Ben) || New job. || Not yet junk. || Incoming. || Needles and a bag of shit. || Assorted things, close up. || Reviews of U.S. national parks, presented as catchy posters. || Assorted historical photos, from adhesive bras and polar bear mascots to the making of Godzilla, 1954. (h/t, Things) || Dad skills. || A little anxiety. || She’s “an avian-human hybrid” and she wants you to memorise her pronouns. || I was previously unfamiliar with the breast paradox. || Women’s football match interrupted by something more interesting. || And finally, for a moment there, I wasn’t quite sure what it was he was making.