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Anna Slatz on when an 80-year-old lady encounters the pointy end of transgender ideology:  

When [Julie] Jaman asked… why no signs had been posted informing women that males could potentially be in the locker rooms, she says she was told: “‘We post pride signs, and we assume that lets women know what to expect.’”

What is expected, it seems, is that women who are not entirely comfortable with dysmorphic men using ladies’ changing rooms and showers, and watching small girls undress, should simply pretend that it isn’t happening. As is the custom, a kind of farce ensues, including accusations of “hatred,” bigotry, and being “unscientific.”  

Heather Mac Donald on the woke capture, and corruption, of medicine:

Medical schools and medical societies are discarding traditional standards of merit in order to alter the demographic characteristics of their profession… Black students are not admitted into competitive residencies at the same rate as whites because their average [second year ‘Step One’] test scores are a standard deviation below those of whites. Step One has already been modified to try to shrink that gap; it now includes nonscience components such as “communication and interpersonal skills.” But the standard deviation in scores has persisted. In the world of antiracism, that persistence means only one thing: the test is to blame. It is Step One that, in the language of antiracism, “disadvantages” underrepresented minorities, not any lesser degree of medical knowledge…

Medical schools use wildly different standards for admitting black and white applicants. From 2013 to 2016, only 8 percent of white college seniors with below-average undergraduate GPAs and below-average MCAT scores were offered a seat in medical school; less than 6 percent of Asian college seniors with those qualifications were offered a seat... Medical schools regarded those below-average scores as all but disqualifying—except when presented by blacks and Hispanics. Over 56 percent of black college seniors with below-average undergraduate GPAs and below-average MCATs, and 31 percent of Hispanic students with those scores, were admitted, making a black student in that range more than seven times as likely as a similarly situated white college senior to be admitted to medical school, and more than nine times as likely to be admitted as a similarly situated Asian senior.

In light of which, claims of being “marginalised” and “excluded” seem somewhat doubtful. See also, the world of woke dentistry, and the third item here, in which would-be maths teachers must be spared any attempt to fathom their competence in mathematics.

And in rampant phallus news, The College Fix reports on an artistic scandal at Imperial College London: 

While [Antony] Gormley, “one of Britain’s leading sculptors,” said the piece is intended to evoke an image of a person “balancing on the balls of the feet while squatting on its haunches,” the [student] Union claimed the sculpture looks like “a person baring their erect penis.” It added the piece will tarnish “the image and reputation of the college.” The Union also said the phallic interpretation was “exclusionary” as women (or those who identify as such) comprise only 42 percent of Imperial College’s student body.

Those with nerves of steel can behold said sculpture here.

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